WWE SmackDown 902 (November 29th, 2016)

Today I watched WWE SmackDown 902  aired November 29th, 2016 the final episode leading into TLC 2016 where we see Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton vs American Alpha, Luke Harper vs Kane and more!

WWE Raw 1227 (November 28th, 2016)

Today I watched WWE Raw 1227 aired November 28th, 2016. It featured Sasha vs Charlotte, Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens, The Club vs the New Day and a bar fight with Cesaro and Sheamus.

WWE Superstars 398 (November 25th, 2016)

Today I watched WWE Superstars 398 aired November 25th, 2016. I didn’t know it at the time, but this is the final episode of Superstars which makes it kind of a bummer that Tom mentions that episode 400 is near.

NXT 365 (November 23rd, 2016)

Today I watched NXT 365 aired November 23rd, 2016 where we see the aftermath of Takeover Toronto!

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